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Saturday, 15 July 2017

Love my Duck King Top by FFDoodles on Redbubble!

Sometimes on Instagram I'll run across someone who is just really cool and really super creative!

As usual, it is always when it is getting rather late and it's just before I'm about to turn off my phone and hit the hay. My discovering FFDoodles, aka; Freckle Face Doodles, was one of those nights. She had put a like on something I posted, and I looked at her profile and that is when I was occupied for quite a while looking through all her cool postings, many her artwork and designs.

Not only is she talented, but she comes across as a really cool person. There was one particular illustration that I fell head over heels for, her little duckling with a crown! So cute, and on brilliant orange, my favourite colour!
FFDoodles has an artist shop on Redbubble, so that is where I headed, to hunt for the t-shirt with the ducky sporting his crown. I added it to my cart and bought it a couple weeks later. It arrived perfect, and really quick, as Redbubble tends to be and I wore it like the next day when we went shopping! I've since worn it on one of our walsk and photo taking ventures, and I'm sure I'll wear it gazillions of more times as I really love it! 

To find FFDoodles on Instagram: @ffdoodles

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